“Little did I know that the day I enrolled at Toltecalli, I would find my second family in the United States. I found strength within myself, and support that helped me change my life drastically. Not only have the staff here at Toltecalli guided me, but also Toltecalli has made me what I am today.”

- 2017 Graduate Speaker

“I have been exposed to numerous opportunities of becoming one step closer to my dream from earning a college credit to meeting real life doctors. I can honestly say that coming to Toltecalli has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

- 2017 Graduate Speaker

About CPLC Community Schools


    To grow the future leaders of our community.

  • Mission

    We graduate leaders responsible for their community who are academically prepared, empowered to make informed decisions, and confident in their ability to succeed.

  • History

    CPLC Community Schools is a non-profit charter holder for Envision High School and Toltecalli High School. CPLC Community Schools is an affiliate of Chicanos Por La Causa, |nc., (CPLC) a statewide non-profit Community Development Corporation. CPLC is a progressive community based organization that is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as a model for unified human and economic development. CPLC, as the parent advocacy organization of CPLC Community Schools, builds proactive alliances, unifies borders, and empowers the community.

    In 1995, the leadership of CPLC, under the direction of Lorraine Lee, Executive Vice President, had a vision of creating a high school to advance CPLC’s educational goal of increasing educational achievement and graduation rates, developing leadership, promoting civic participation, and increasing college entrance and graduation among Latino youth. A school model was then developed that integrated cultural education and community service into the core curricula to advance their goal. We have 2 high schools serving the Tucson area: Toltecalli High School (“House of People who create Beauty") and Envision High School (Opening Fall 2017).

  • Philosophy

    We value community focused education (CFE) that integrates the knowledge base of the local community to create a contextual perspective for new learning to occur. The elements of a community based education are:

    1. Recognition and use of predominant language of the community to provide a lingustic context for instruction.
    2. Pedagogy in which teaching strategies contextualize the learning experiences from the perspective of those served.
    3. Curriculum which stresses the importance of the cultural context of the community served and values and celebrates the visual arts, legends, oral histories, and fundamental beliefs of the community.
    4. Strong community participation {including parents, elders, other community resources) in educating children and evident in the curriculum, planning, and operation of school/community activities.
    5. Knowledge and use of the social and political mores of the community.
    6. A strong desire of all stakeholders to improve the outcomes of the community through problem solving and action research.

Chicanos Por La Causa Community Schools

Public Charter Schools
Established 1995