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August 2020 Calendar

Player Experiences

“Playing for Toltecalli meant everything to me, it wasn’t just a sports team, it was a family. Once a Toltec, ALWAYS A Toltec.”
-Sergio Godoy

“Playing for Coach Cruz not only got me into shape, but he motivated me to want to win and learn new things in & out of sports.”
-Diego Sanders

“As a team member, I understand my role and respect the boundaries of my position. I am a competitive person by nature, so I look at every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow. I am fully invested to my team at Toteicalli and work hard to create a positive atmosphere. I believe that constant communication will create success and lead us toward the same goals."
-Aliyah Rada

“Playing for coach Cruz was definitely one of the best experiences I had throughout all my years at Toltecalli High School. He is a great coach with a win-win mindset, a good heart and who believes in second chances. He always believes in his players and always managed to keep us together. He loved us like we were his kids and you could feel that through his energy. In my book, he's the best coach to ever do it at Toltecalli and can't forget the swag, no one else could compete”
-Sergio Godoy

“I appreciate Coach Cruz’s passion, intensity, and love for the game.”
-Aliyah Rada

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